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Vision© Hooks & Tackle     2103 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: (888) 689-0999 or (360) 866-7775     Fax: (360) 866-1015

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Vision Hooks & Tackle… Not Just Another Tackle Company

Fish ImageWhat makes Vision Hooks & Tackle different… and better? It starts with leadership. Owned and operated by passionate anglers, Vision Hooks & Tackle knows, through first hand experience, what constitutes exceptional fishing equipment. These are people that live the sport setting their calendars not by the days of the week but the timing of the fisheries. Our testing grounds are some of the most remote and demanding waters on the planet. The places mammoth fish swim and test the limits of strength and endurance. We know that if our tackle can win here it will produce outstanding results everywhere!

Ordering Information

For product and sales information please call or e-mail us at the following:
Phone:  360-866-7775   or  Fax:  360-866-1015    Hours:  Mon-Fri  9am-4pm (PST)