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Vision© Hooks & Tackle     2103 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: (888) 689-0999 or (360) 866-7775     Fax: (360) 866-1015

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Bait Holder Hooks

A tried-and-true favorite! There’s only one bait holder made by Vision Hooks & Tackle, and it’s superior in design. Super sharp, strong and designed to penetrate fast. These bait holders are as close to perfect as any made! Black chrome finish.

Item # Description Price  
BHB 1-25Bait Holder Black Nickel size 1-25pk.$3.50
BHB 1/0-25Bait Holder Black Nickel size 1/0-25pk.$5.10
BHB 2/0-25Bait Holder Black Nickel size 2/0-25pk.$5.10
BHB 3/0-25Bait Holder Black Nickel size 3/0-25pk.$5.10
BHB 4/0-25Bait Holder Black Nickel size 4/0-25pk.$5.60

Please allow 2-3 weeks for all orders to be processed.